2 Reasons Why College May Not Be For You – ADHD Adults Trying To Live The Life They Want Even Without A College Degree 

Sometimes, college isn’t for everyone. And that’s alright. There are reasons for such major life decisions. For some people, it’s because of the boring or narcissistic professors and the way the lessons are taught. An example is how there’s this person who had a professor who was outright using incorrect business terms and when corrected, he got asked to leave the classroom.


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In the age of information, one could say that the traditional college setting isn’t the best form of education now (more so for some adults with ADHD.) It can be argued that it is currently not enough for the needs of employers. You pay tons of money to learn, but in the end, it’s not enough to give you the knowledge and experience needed to fit the criteria of employers. Of course, there are still fields that require college education like law and medicine, but not everyone is interested in those fields.


Here are two valid reasons why you shouldn’t go to college. It may not be enough to undo the damages felt by millennials and their student loan debt, which is a result of going to college in hopes of getting a six-figure salary, but it can help especially if you’re still in high school.


Preparation For The Real World 


The education system itself as a whole has a problem with this and not just college. But college worsens this issue. Parents and teachers probably used to tell you that getting high grades and perfect records are what you need to do or else you’ll be useless. There’s practically no room for imperfection.


But in the real world, there is always room for imperfection and mistakes. In the real world, making mistakes is alright and at some point, even better, because it allows you the space for growth and improvement. People who are street smart have the best chances of survival, and they will succeed. It’s not always in the education, but also on the person who perseveres and works hard.


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Joe, a highly intelligent ADHD adult, was always passionate about writing. He started making up stories as early as five years old, but his mother said that writing and storytelling couldn’t put food on the table. Well, Joe didn’t go to college. Instead, he enrolled in creative writing classes and for two years, he persevered. He waited on tables, drove cars for rent, bagged groceries and all those odd jobs to pay for his lessons. This is real life, the real world as tasted by Joe. After everything, Joe wrote his first ebook and published it on a free website.


What is Joe doing now? Well, he is a screenwriter because a producer noticed that ebook he wrote. His story is filming right now with a famous Hollywood actress as the main character. This is where Joe was taken by his creative writing classes and the decision to work on his passion.


Job Opportunities Are Not Guaranteed


A thing adults always say is that if you go to college, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to find a good job. So what happens now is that people spend lots of money to get a college degree. However, a college degree doesn’t guarantee you a job in your field.


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Take for instance a stay-at-home mom named Marie, a mild ADHD adult. She finished a business course and graduated with flying colors. Marie had lots of offers, but she declined all of them. And for what? She didn’t like business school. What she wanted to do was to paint. The only reason why she studied it was because of her father. The deal was that if she finished her degree, he would fund her art display and he did. On her first show, Marie earned $100,000 for her paintings. They were sold out, and clients were asking for more. Did Marie learn painting in college? No, she didn’t. It was her skill that made her the $100,000. Not her college degree.


College grads can’t find jobs because they lack skills. You’re groomed to fit the faceless person in posters dressed in business suits because society has always emphasized how being like that is better than being that person wearing a blue collar. But it’s not always the case. You can live the life you want even without a college diploma.

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