2015 Chicago Higher Education Conference: Exploring The Trend Of Outcomes-Based Education

Teaching professionals have taken strides in re-evaluating the educational system as they propose modifications in the traditional teaching method in the 2015 Chicago Higher Education Conference. They suggest a focus on the specific and measurable set of skills or “outcomes” that the students develop from the classroom.

What Is Outcome-Based Education?

The conference stressed the importance of Outcomes-based education (OBE) in the tertiary level. By outlining a specific skill set that is observable, measurable, and aligned with the standards of the university, students will cultivate excellent long-term abilities that are crucial for success in his or her chosen field.

The concept of OBE is spearheaded by Dr. William Spady, a recognized figure in education, strategic organizational design, and leadership. According to Dr. Spady, OBE started way back thousands of years ago. He said it was this kind of learning that allowed people to survive, thrive and innovate.

With this Dr. Spady makes it clear that the core concept of OBE is ‘what’ the students learn and ‘how’ can they apply it in life outside the classroom.  However, the curriculum design for OBE is not that simple. Teachers also need to redefine the criteria of measuring the expected outcomes or set of skills from the students in a way that upholds the core values of the university.

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 For example, the University of Chicago’s coat of arms says Crescat Scientia: vita excolatur or Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched. Thus, the University of Chicago must design its curriculum for all the college degrees according to that motto because as students graduate, people should be able to distinguish the school that he or she comes from”.

Dr. Spady is an internationally known academic authority in innovative curriculum design. His proposed OBE is quite tricky to follow. The original OBE design has been dubbed ” ahead of its time.” Therefore, departments of education in many countries adapt OBE but modify the curriculum accordingly.

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The Future Of OBE

The original OBE design is surely quite radical and futuristic. However, it is not impossible that educational systems all over the world will embrace the curriculum proposed. With the changing environment and creation of new jobs, there is always a demand to improve workforce skill sets. Therefore the only way to break through and grow the workforce is to revolutionize the educational system.

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