Great Teachers Do More Than Just Teach


No matter how our kids hate schooling, there will always be that ONE TEACHER they like so much and aim to please. Try checking their school report cards. Chances are, the subjects they have high grades on are either [or both] A) a subject they like or, B) they love the teacher handling it, and they show that appreciation by trying their best in the said class. Even we, who are way past our school years, have teachers we never forget from our school days – teachers who left imprints in our lives may they be good memories, unforgettable teachings, and inspiration.

So, what makes a great teacher? Well, teachers who stand out do more than just teach.

1. Great Teachers Are Motivators.

A great teacher isn’t content to just teach so and so to his students. He inspires them to take a step forward, be the force behind something his learners do.

2. Great Teachers Are Not Just Great Speakers. They’re Doers, Too.

An effective teacher isn’t just all talk. He sets an example for his students through his actions.

One unforgettable teacher I had was my Advanced Chemistry instructress. She was very strict and doled out challenging examinations. But these characteristics aren’t the ones that placed a mark in my memory; it was her authenticity to the subject she was teaching.


Whenever we did chemistry experiments, my other chemistry teachers would just say the instructions while we do the procedures. They wouldn’t even touch the substances we work on. But our Advanced Chemistry instructress would don on gloves and do the experiments with us.

She knew what chemicals are harmful and would warn us to take precautions while keeping an active eye on what we did. And once, when a burning incident occurred because of a test we were doing, she was the one who stepped in calmly and stopped the fire while all of us panicked.

That’s what I call teaching in action and the impression I had of her never left me . . . Even until now.

3. Great Teachers Are Interesting.

Interest is an essential component of learning. Having an exciting teacher makes learning fun. I’m not saying appealing physically but interesting in mind.

One schoolmarm I’ll never forget was my Biology instructor in high school. Studying about DNA, families, and species of both the animal and the plant kingdom and like lessons was very tedious. But this teacher turned monotonous into fascinating by making silly songs [one was about adenine and thymine, guanine and cytosine to the tune of the nursery rhyme Row, Row, Row Your Boat].

Honestly, these got us through the hour learning something! Come examination days; our classroom would burst out into singing as we do our Biology test. After all, the answers to the questions are in our teacher’s silly songs.

4. Great Teachers Strive To Make A Difference.


Regular teachers teach whatever they’re assigned to teach. Good teachers prepare and familiarize themselves with their lessons before teaching them to their students. But great teachers, they want to make a difference in their students’ lives. Teaching for them isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s a way that they can make an impact in an individual’s life to get him to change for the better.

Has a teacher changed your life, made you want to be something better and became the force that compelled you to do it? If you’ve had, share your story by sounding off below.

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