Overcoming Anxiety Of Students Transitioning To College

College can be a very stressful time. Leaving home, missing the high school routine, and struggling with the new environment are only some of the issues which students can experience during this adjustment period. Even the most responsible and confident high school students pass through this overwhelming phase.

According to Douglas Eby, a famous psychologist, one of the main reasons for anxiety is the uncertainty to change felt by an individual. This uncertainty is usually present during the transition process to college. Hence, it is essential for both the person experiencing anxiety and the parents to know the proper actions to overcome this.

Tips For Parents

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Parents have a huge role in making sure that their children cure their anxiety. Here are some of the ways parents can help their new college student adjust to this transition phase.

  • Talk to the child before they leave for college. Discuss with them the expectations they are setting for their college life. Do not give them a false hope that “things will be better in college.” It is essential for them to face realistic expectations – academics in college will be harder and social interactions will be more challenging to deal with.
  • Parents should make sure to create a support plan. The kids should be knowledgeable about the best counseling services offered by the universities. They should also know the support groups and workshops for students experiencing anxiety. This strategy can help them ready themselves in case they need assistance.
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  • Talk to them about the importance of self-care. College can be a source of fun, but it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hence, make sure to emphasize to them how plenty of sleep, regular exercises, and a healthy diet can help them decrease the possibility of experiencing anxiety.
  • The best thing to do for parents is to regularly check-up their kids so the children will feel their support. However, take note that calling them every day may pressure them as well. Weekly calls may be the best decisions.

Tips For College Students

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Some external factors can contribute to the overcoming of anxiety in college transitions. But it is the most important for those experiencing this mental illness to help themselves as well. Here is are some tips to overcome transition anxiety.

  • Exercises can help relieve stress and anxiety. Students should help find the right exercise fit for them which will help give relief. Some individuals find running and jogging their go-to exercise while others engage themselves with water exercises.
  • Try using mental health and meditation applications. If you are one of those people, who are afraid of going to therapies, starting with these tools can help overcome your stress and anxiety.
  • Journaling is one of the most common exercises in addressing anxiety. Recalling and writing about deep emotions and everyday feelings may relieve an individual’s mind. This practice also helps the students to face their daily lives more confidently.
  • Deep breathing helps calm a person. There are different patterns available to help address anxiety, but usually, a series of long breaths from the diaphragm can relax an individual.

Transitioning to college may be exciting, but to others, it’s more stressful than ever. Hopefully, the tips above can guide both parents and college students to address this mental health problem.

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